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The Struggle for Sanity!

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March 25th, 2012

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I turned 46 the other day.  And I didn't even flinch.  I bragged about it being my birthday, shared my age without shame, and enjoyed myself.  I even laughed when my brother reminded me I only have 4 more years until I can join AARP.  I guess I'm finally old enough to be thankful I'm still alive.  :O)

January 23rd, 2012

Anybody out there????

Has everyone fled LiveJournal?  Nobody is posting lately.  What up?  

My jar is much bigger...


"We all know that people can be afraid of failure, but did you know that many people are afraid of success?

No one likes to fail. But some folks are so focused on the possibility of failure that they become over-anxious and unable to perform. Their fear of failure actually creates failure.

There are people who manage to sabotage their own efforts, often unconsciously, not because they are afraid of failure, but because they are afraid of success.

You see, we all carry around a mental picture of ourselves, and if success is not a part of that picture, we are in trouble. While a part of us wants success and all that goes with it, another part is silently saying, "That is not like me. I am not comfortable with this kind of responsibility," or something along those lines.

We may be perfectly capable of success in other ways, and we may have all the necessary skills and abilities. But it is like growing a pumpkin inside a jug. You can slip a flowering pumpkin vine inside a jug, and the pumpkin will grow to be jug-shaped. Later, you break the glass and you have a jug-shaped pumpkin

You see, your picture of yourself, your self-concept, is like the glass jug. It tells you where your limits are. Techniques like affirmation and visualization are used to help when you want to get a bigger jug or, in other words, when you want to comfortably stretch your idea of who you are and what you are capable of.

With practice, you can get to the place where neither failure nor success will upset you."

Lou Tice

So Quiet...

So I have been at my main center all day meeting with my short term replacement and packing up my things.  It's a snow day so It's just been me here.  No one around to visit with or reminisce with.  Just me and my thoughts of the last 9 years.  As I pack up, put away pictures of me from years back when I was younger, drawings from children long since moved on to elementary school I am feeling nostalgic.  I am moving on to a wonderful new position, but one where I will have very limited contact with children.  I've worked with kids my whole adult life, 23 years.  I love children.  They have made my work life a joy.  They are the one thing that could always make a crappy day better with a smile and a hug.  They are brilliant, forgiving, generous, entertaining.  I will miss this part of my work very much.  

My desk is empty, and the boxes filled..... time to say adieux.

January 11th, 2012

Love my new job..... can't stop to post much else..... kids and work have my busy..... hopefully I can make some time soon to see babies and friends and take a breather and eat some chocolate and a pedicure..... back to work.

January 2nd, 2012

I'm not one for new years resolutions, but I've come to see that personal growth is possible.  So rather than focussing on the outside of me, this year will be the year of inside work.  The kind that no one can see but you really, but has the most potential to create systemic changes, not just superficial change.  

My new years resolutions are:
  1. to love myself and see myself through the same lens that my family sees me through.  
  2. to be more present in each moment, savoring them like each is my last.  
  3. to waste less time doing meaningless activities like facebook and read more.
  4. to try to see the good in everyone, even the fucktards.
  5. to have patience with myself and everyone else.
  6. to learn 10 new things
  7. to spend time with girl friends.  
  8. to give up guilt.  It's a wasted emotion.
  9. to give up fear.  Again... it's a wasted emotion that just makes you feel crappy.
  10. to get more pedicures.  This isn't really for inner work.  I just like them.
There, I think that's a good start to 2012!  Let's get started.

September 17th, 2011

My daughter the genius-

Elizabeth took her state testing last spring and scored in the 4 range (highest range) in EVERY AREA putting her in the top 2% of washington students. She scored a PERFECT SCORE IN WRITING. She also scored a perfect score in the subranges of: comprehension literary text, applied science and number, operations, expressions and variable math. Her lowest scores were in data and statistics. Go figure. I hated statistics too. MY KID IS AWESOME.

September 12th, 2011


multi dimensional me

"Some people think it is smart and sophisticated to be cynical. We see a lot of this in the world today. But I 

don't buy into it, and I will tell you why.  

Do you know anyone with a cynical attitude? I'll bet you do. Cynics believe that people are motivated by 

selfishness and they are scornful and contemptuous of anything that looks like virtue or integrity. Cynics 

pride themselves in having a "realistic approach" and mock those with a more optimistic view. But have 

you ever noticed that cynics more than likely are unhappy people? They are not only unhappy, but they 

seem dead to the spiritual values that give life meaning.  

I've heard cynics described as failed idealists who commit a kind of intellectual suicide. Now that may 

seem extreme, but think about it. Cynics build no bridges, make no discoveries, and expect people to 

behave badly. They see no room for improvement, so they abandon hope and in the process, give up 

their power to act and bring about change.  

Now, our minds are nourished by a continual supply of new ideas, which we then put to work with a 

purpose in mind. But if there are no worthwhile new ideas, as the cynic believes, the mind becomes 

stagnant. And, a stagnant mind is a danger to its owner and worse than useless to the community at 


So, refuse to be influenced by the nay-sayers and cynics in your midst. Hold to your hope and humor, 

your ideals and dreams, your compassion and imagination, for it is these things that give life meaning 

and bring us all a better world. "



Lou Tice 


August 14th, 2011

 Today is my last day of summer break and tomorrow I must return to the land of working people.  The ultimate in Mondays, the first day of a new school year.  I could cry, but my husband would just laugh at me, since he's worked all summer and has no sympathy for my predicament.  

Summer 2011, I say adieu.  

April 18th, 2011


I love watching my daughter play tennis.  I like sitting out in the sun shine and cheering from the sidelines.  I like visiting with the other parents and sharing sunflower seeds with Katherine.  I don't always get to come to her games but when I do it's a fun time.  And she's moved up from exhibition play to  playing JV #1 seated doubles.  Next stop Varsity. She is so motivated to do well at it.  And besides, tennis is fun.  Fun to watch, and fun to play, at any age or ability level.  If you haven't been out to play lately you should grab a friend and head out.  
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