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So Quiet...

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So Quiet...

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So I have been at my main center all day meeting with my short term replacement and packing up my things.  It's a snow day so It's just been me here.  No one around to visit with or reminisce with.  Just me and my thoughts of the last 9 years.  As I pack up, put away pictures of me from years back when I was younger, drawings from children long since moved on to elementary school I am feeling nostalgic.  I am moving on to a wonderful new position, but one where I will have very limited contact with children.  I've worked with kids my whole adult life, 23 years.  I love children.  They have made my work life a joy.  They are the one thing that could always make a crappy day better with a smile and a hug.  They are brilliant, forgiving, generous, entertaining.  I will miss this part of my work very much.  

My desk is empty, and the boxes filled..... time to say adieux.
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