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Musings of a Working Mom

What would Eleanor Roosevelt do?

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What would Eleanor Roosevelt do?

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I'm not one for new years resolutions, but I've come to see that personal growth is possible.  So rather than focussing on the outside of me, this year will be the year of inside work.  The kind that no one can see but you really, but has the most potential to create systemic changes, not just superficial change.  

My new years resolutions are:
  1. to love myself and see myself through the same lens that my family sees me through.  
  2. to be more present in each moment, savoring them like each is my last.  
  3. to waste less time doing meaningless activities like facebook and read more.
  4. to try to see the good in everyone, even the fucktards.
  5. to have patience with myself and everyone else.
  6. to learn 10 new things
  7. to spend time with girl friends.  
  8. to give up guilt.  It's a wasted emotion.
  9. to give up fear.  Again... it's a wasted emotion that just makes you feel crappy.
  10. to get more pedicures.  This isn't really for inner work.  I just like them.
There, I think that's a good start to 2012!  Let's get started.
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